Homu Health Ventures has the aim to be the largest reproductive health incubator in Europe. If you want to know more about our portfolio or invest in one of our startups please contact us and we will be proud to let you know more

Reproductive Health

Rosa scientific

United States
Solution to decentralize IVF by offering at-home monitoring and using local doctors, thus optimizing costs and increasing accessibility.


United States
Minimally invasive capture of human eggs & embryos from the uterus for treatment of infertility & fertility preservation.


New embryo culture media that resembles the natural environment by including biological fluid components. In bovine it reduces the risk of large-calf syndrome and increases IVF pregnancy rates.


United States
Improves endometrial receptivity by delivering Progesterone directly into the woman’s uterus and releasing it gradually.


First marketplace to compare more than 1000 genetic tests from international

Plus Vitech

Metastatic Cancer treatment using NK1R inhibitor.

Synchrony App

Application that SYNCHRONIZES the patient, doctor and embryologist obtaining the best embryo transfer coordination.


United States
Sama is the nation’s first fertility clinic providing fertility care from anywhere. With SAMA technology-driven cycle management platform, they’re building fertility care around patients’ lives, not the other way around.


European Union
Implementing advanced non-invasive diagnostic methods and the first therapeutic solution for endometriosis.



Complete genome sequencing of the embryo to detect any type of abnormality, including de novo mutations not present in the parents


European Union
Arediana is a Digital Native Brand (DNB) born to improve Women’s Health in all their life moments through friendly and referred content, ethical and science-based food supplements, and a strong Healthcare Professionals and Consumers Community.



Matris™ is an innovative test that evaluates endometrial receptivity in patients undergoing ART. Matris™ uses proprietary algorithms and specialized technologies to assess and interpret ultrasonographic images taken by the clinic.
Using 2- and 3-dimensional techniques, Matris™ and our team generate insights into endometrial receptivity that cannot be detected in routine clinical practice.



Other verticals


AGING: Marketplace for medically proven products and services to keep you yong.

Antiviral Protection

VIROLOGY: Ready to commercialize anti-viral coating for surfaces in public spaces.

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